The Business of our Business

We’re pleased to include in our 2017 Conference Theme…”The Business of Our Business”… award winners from the Awards and Personalization Association’s 2017 International Awards and Personalization Expo. If you missed that Expo, you’ll see them in Atlanta.  

Supplier Contest winners in Las Vegas were…

Most Creative Supplier Product – A.T. Designs

Best New Plaque Component – Marcos Awards Group

Best New Trophy Component – Freeman-CMA

Best New Imprintable Material – JDS Industries, Inc.

Best New Engravable Material  – JDS Industries, Inc.

Best New Supplier Catalog – Marco Awards Croup

Best New Supplier Retailer Catalog – PDU

Best New Product Showcase – JDS Industries, Inc.

Best Multiple Exhibit Booths – Rowmark

Best Mega Exhibit Booth – Marco Awards Croup

Best Supplier Website – JDS Industries, Inc